Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Ten Songs That Bring Back Memories (and why)

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1. Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now-Starship.
I love to dance to this song as a teenager.

2. Together In Electric Dreams-Philip Oakey & Giorgio Moroder
Just a nice dancing tune as well.

3. Through the Years-Kenny Rogers
A meaningful song. I sang it to my friends when I had to move to another city. Made me cry.

4. My Favourite Things-The Sound of Music

5. Edelweiss-The Sound of Music

6. You're the One That I Want-Grease
Nice classic movie and nice song to dance to as well. Keeps my feet moving even now.

7. Hawaii Five0 Theme Song/Music - Link for music
Used to watch this as a kid.

8. Dancing Queen-ABBA
Still a favourite now. Just a nice dancing tune again.

9. Before The Next Teardrop Falls-Freddy Fender
Just love the voice of Freddy Fender here and the song is so sing-able.

10. Oh Carol- Neil Sedaka
My sister was named after the song.


  1. Hi,Serena! #8 and #10 are fun to sing!

  2. I'm with you on #3 making me cry. And #10 is so sweet.

  3. Hi, enjoyed reading your list. This was a fun ten on Tuesday!

  4. This was a great subject. I decided not to include songs from musicals, or I might have gone totally different places...

  5. Hi Serena.
    I have a feeling we grew up in the same decade! Your 10 songs really brought me back to those years again :D