Wednesday, July 09, 2008


I started to use the internet in 2004 when I was suddenly house bound due to extreme skin problem called eczema. I didn't know much about anything online. I tried to see if I can earn money online as I can't really go out much to teach tuition as I was doing then.

I went into paid to read emails and also I was doing some "investment" stuff but in the end they fizzled out and as I've learn through trial and error, not legal too. After that which I don't even know when the transition happened but it was a little out of desperation I guess, to pay internet bills and other stuff, I went into blogging. I bought books and joined forums for bloggers. I read and asked questions about the happenings of the blogging world. It was all very daunting because of the many new things to learn and also may need to know html codes to tweak blog layout, etc.

Nevertheless, I started with blogger and it was a breeze when they introduce the beta feature which is all about drag and click. I never look back ever since.

Feel free to share your experiences with me in your comments. Thanks for your visit and input.

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