Sunday, December 16, 2007

Another Award

I was awarded the Bodacious Award by Milet. I had to admit that I need to use the dictionary to understand the meaning of Bodacious!

bo·da·cious [bō dáyshəss]
bow·da·cious [bō dáyshəss]
adjective Southern U.S. Midwestern U.S. (informal humorous)
1. bold: outrageously arrogant or uninhibited
  • a bodacious lie
  • 2. impressive: remarkable or excellent
  • That’s one bodacious boat!

  • adverb

    Southern U.S. Midwestern U.S. very: extremely (informal humorous)
  • I’m bodacious hungry.
  • [Mid-19th century. Possibly an alteration of dialect boldacious , a blend of bold and audacious .]

    And I would like to present it to Angelika- folks her name is pronounced un GAY lee kuh


    1. Wow, my first blog award! Thank you!

      I like the word Bodacious, LOL.

    2. now, you know it. sorry was not able to reply immediately to you.

      been a busy household for me. with my husband coming home and a super active one year old.