Saturday, January 26, 2008

Creative Adventure X

1. While on vacation in Europe I decided to visit an old landmark Inn at the top of the cliffs. The Inn was the place to stay for the rich and famous during the turn of the 20th century. As I rode along the winding road up to the top I noticed a very beautiful lady dressed in a neat suit and a hat. She seems composed. Then I noticed her smiling and she blew a kiss to me! I was a little embarrassed and baffled.

2. Gathering my senses I continued to the Inn grounds and drove the long unkempt driveway to the now abandoned building. Stepping out of my car I walked to the door and found a yellowed leaflet, all torn and tattered lying by the side of the entrance. I can't help but pick it up as I noticed the poster is of a very beautiful and exotic lady. Well, she is almost nude in the photo but one can't miss the sensual post and alluring costume that she is wearing. I don't recognize the face and the leaflet really looked old and worn out. Then I was jolted by a thought that came to me all of a sudden. She looked like the lady who blew me the kiss just now!

3. Entering the enormous lobby I walked to the desk and opened an old falling apart guest register and as I was reading the list of guests who were part of the past of this once famous Inn I thought I heard some faint Indian music. I looked around for the source of the music but the place is obviously abandoned without any inhabitants. I returned to the guest list and nothing seems out of the ordinary until my eyes caught the name Margaretha Zelle. Well, I am not good with my history and facts but I can't ignore the name of the famous female spy Mata Hari now, can I?

4. Leaving this lonely ghostly place with a smile on my face I thought to myself if the Inn had been one of the places that the famous mysterious female spy had one of her rendezvous with those high officials in the past where she will use her seductions on gathering espionage informations.


  1. Great take on the adventure Serena. I liked the idea of using photos too. Have a great weekend.

  2. Loved your little adventure! Have a great Saturday!

  3. Cool adventure Serena. I enjoyed it. Have a happy day!

  4. Love your had a very Jane Austen feel to it.