Friday, February 01, 2008

Buzzfuse-Buzz to your Blogs

So where or what is the latest buzz in blogosphere? Have you check out Buzzfuse yet? This is a content marketing service that can help create buzz and drive traffic to your blogs or websites and even earn money from it if you are a premium member. This is a new social networking site that requires some participation from your part such as to invite friends, business contacts and to join you and spread the word. The more contacts you have, the further your blog posts or webpages will travel.

Bussfuze offers
viral, cost-effective marketing to bloggers, photographers, musicians, and more! Content creators, bloggers or webmasters can expand their reach to more audience, interact and get feedback from their audience, provide you with reports that can help you understand what your market is and what to do with your content and as I've mentioned earlier, an opportunity to earn some cash with the system.

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