Thursday, June 26, 2008

Bush League Funny Videos

Jokes and humor will never go out of style. No matter how many times we might have read some jokes or seen funny videos, it gladdens our heart and makes us smile or even roar with laughter. Granted that humor is rather distinct and unique to each individual. Certain things are funny to some people while the same stuff can even disgust and annoy others.

Here BushLeague is an assortment of videos that caters to all sort of people in that some might find them funny while others may think them dumb or crazy. You can rate the videos sweet or bush. This site maintained by a team of 11 guys and one gal. According to the definition on the website, they claim to offer their jackass opinions on video games, tech, news, sports, boobs, 101's, and all the other essential tools every dude needs. Check out this sample of a video from the site.

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