Friday, July 11, 2008

Enrich Your Relationship Through Reading

It is really easy to lose touch with our loved ones in our busy day to day activities. One way we can rekindled some moments of having something in common or some positive vibes and topics for conversation would be to read a book together. Forget the daily paper that is filled with depressing news. You may want to try the nearest library or bookstore on an exploratory mission instead. Search until you find a book that both of you would enjoy. Reclaim the long forgotten pleasure of reading for enjoyment's sake.

You'll find almost endless possibilities as you wander through the shelves. Whether it is a 400 paged novel, some motivational publications or even a hobby based how-to manuals, there are bound to be something that will get the intellectual juices flowing again. The point is get connected and increase communication. The fresh insight, information, and inspiration the two of you can glean from just a few minutes of daily reading will expand your base of shared experiences and provide new topics of conversation as well. It is also a great idea to get the kids involved if any.

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