Monday, August 11, 2008

Is our mind playing tricks on us?

The human mind is truly a complex thing. Many a times it can even surprised us though we have lived with our brains throughout our lives. And we thought we know all about ourselves, well, do we? Sometimes the brain and our mind will decide to spring a "surprise" on us at the most inappropriate times and we wonder if we are going nuts? You can read some of the quirkiness that strikes different people in different situations in Are You Normal or Nuts?

Personally, I had encountered some strange incidents such as in a lift. I was going in a lift with some friends and chatting happily about what we is our next itinerary when suddenly the lift stops with a jerk. One of my friend panicked instantly and started shouting and banging on the doors as well as crying that she doesn't want to die. I got a little scared not because of the death thing but about the condition of my friend. I just told her to calm down while I pressed the alarm and waited for the hotel staff to open the door to the lift. We were only in the lift for a few minutes, perhaps 15 minutes maximum but it really frightened my friend a lot. Another incident that was related by my husband too involved lifts. When the lift he was in with some friends took longer than usual to reach the desired floor, an adult friend started sobbing in fear. She was only prepared to ride in the lift for 2 floors but unexpectedly the lift went to another floors higher and she panicked.

No doubt these incidents are not funny at the time when they happened for the fear and panic in our friend's mind is as real as any life threatening situation they can imagine. Nevertheless, with proper reasoning and care, these would probably pass over as some quirky incidents our minds serve us from time to time. Read more about the advice provided by psychologists and professional counselors on these topics at Are You Normal or Nuts?

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