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Frisbee Golf Courses

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Do you know how to play disc golf or Frisbee Golf? Well, the game is very much similar to the normal golf game but you will not be using any golf ball or clubs. Disc golf makes use of a specially designed Frisbee. The main aim of the game is to get the Frisbee into several baskets with only a few throws as much as possible.

The best play to look for Frisbee golf courses is on the internet. With a quick search online, you will be able to find the nearest Frisbee Golf location in your area. The courses usually have 18 holes and a single game can take several hours. If you’re a beginner, try to look for a disc golf course which only has fewer holes so that you can practice. Keep in mind though that the Frisbee golf courses are not created equal. Obstacles are placed in between basket and the tee and this can include cliffs, water, trees, high grass, etc; that’s why it is very important to choose the appropriate Frisbee golf course. If you can find other disc golfers in your area, you can seek guidance from them.

So why should you play Disc Golf? There are some benefits of playing Frisbee Golf such as:

1. Disc golf is a great form of exercise. In a single game, you can spend a couple of hours walking. You can even skip or jog while retrieving the Frisbee. You will be able to burn some calories. Most disc golf players are not even aware that they are already getting enough exercise to maintain a physically fit body.

2. You can meet new friends and other people who have the same interests. Meeting new individuals and exchanging friendly conversation is a worthwhile experience.

3. Unlike the regular golf game, you can start playing this game with very minimal cost because all you need to purchase is a Frisbee golf disc. If you have ten bucks, you can already play Disc Golf. Some disc golf players tend to collect discs. As you get better in playing disc golf, you can start purchasing other accessories like bags and more discs.

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When playing in the Frisbee golf courses, you have to observe proper etiquette. If you have trash, pick them up and throw them in the trash can. Don’t leave cigarette butts, water bottles, and other trash on the courses. Suppose you’re playing in a group and the game is a bit slow and there are other players waiting behind you. Allow them to play through so that they will not be wasting their time waiting until your group finishes the game. Make sure that you play carefully and cautiously. If your disc is about to hit another player, you can yell at them so that they can avoid being hit by the disc.

As you progress, you will be able to acquire other equipments like disc putters, fairway drivers, and many others. But you can start playing with just one disc and that’s the best thing about Frisbee golf. Beginners can also take advantage of the ‘set discs’ sold in sports stores because the sets are quite affordable.

Play Frisbee golf now even if you only have one golf disc. You will surely have fun. Find a Frisbee golf course in your area now and play with other disc golf enthusiasts.

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