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Where Can you Get your Sudoku Puzzle of the Day?

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Want to fill up your boring day with a brain-teasing activity? Maybe you might Sudoku a good try. It can not just make your brain work. Depending on the puzzle that you have selected, you may even work with it through out the rest of the day.

Sudoku- An Overview

For those who are still unfamiliar with this puzzle game yet want to make it as a part of their hobby during past time, continue reading this section. Sudoku is an abbreviation of a Japanese phrase “Suuji wa dokushin ni kagiru” which literally means “the digits must remain single”. This logic puzzle is made up of 81 cells formed by a 9 x 9 grid. This grid is made up of 9 3 x 3 sub-grids often called as regions. Some cells are filled up with numerals often called as givens or clues.

The puzzle will be solved if you can fill up all the remaining empty cells, one numeral on each cell, such that each column, row, and region contains the numerals 1 to 9 exactly once. Therefore, each numeral will only be appearing once in each given direction or scope, hence satisfying the meaning of the Sudoku game itself.

Either you are just a beginner or a regular Sudoku fan, you should know the common facts which constitute a Sudoku puzzle. It will serve as your guide in solving every Sudoku puzzle you will encounter. These are the following:

• A Sudoku have always 30 cells or less already filled up with numerals out of the total 81 cells. For beginners, there are more than 30 cells already filled up to give a good head start while learning the puzzle. However, it does not necessarily mean that more cells already filled up are easy to begin with. There are difficult puzzle pieces that are available with 30 or more cells filled in. It will require more solving techniques to use in order to complete them.

• Sudoku are solved by entirely logical deduction. For beginners, they tend to solve the puzzle by means of trial and error or guessing. That is why it is recommended that you learn the solving techniques in order to reduce your dependence on guesswork. It is not the way you should solve a Sudoku puzzle.

• For aesthetic reasons, a Sudoku puzzle normally employs the so-called rotational symmetry. That is, the positions of the cells which are initially filled up are the same if you will be turning the page round.

• An individual Sudoku puzzle contains only one solution. Although you use different solving techniques in completing the puzzle, you will still be arriving on the same solution.

Sudoku Puzzle of the Day Resources

So you want to try your logic intelligence in solving a Sudoku puzzle. But what are the possible resources of a Sudoku puzzle for the day? Have a check on the following resources where you can get the he Sudoku puzzle for the day.

• Newspapers and Magazines. Although most of these newspapers and magazines do not publish a Sudoku puzzle on a daily basis, they are publishing one during weekends. So in case you want to have a Sudoku puzzle, ideal newspaper or magazine edition to purchase is during Friday.

• Internet. If you are not contented for a weekend Sudoku puzzle solving, you can have visit the Web and look for sites which offers Sudoku puzzles. They have regular Sudoku puzzles posted on a daily basis. In addition, each Sudoku of the day puzzle features different levels: easy, medium, difficult, and very difficult.

• Daily Syndication. If you have your own site and you want to include a Sudoku of the day for your visitors to keep occupied with, you can now paste it directly to your site. All you have to do is to visit the sites offering HTML codes for these Sudoku puzzles of the day and copy and paste the HTML code snippet into your web page code. In addition, you can also choose the Sudoku puzzle that you want to appear on your site.

• E-mail. You can now get your Sudoku for the day straight from your e-mail inbox. You just need to sign-up for a Sudoku puzzle and it will be sent to you in a HTML e-mail with the accompanying puzzle as a PNG image as an attachment. In each e-mail that you will receive, you will provided a link back to site you have subscribed with to get access with the solution and various hints to complete the puzzle.

Enhance your problem-solving skills through completing the Sudoku puzzle of the day!

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