Saturday, July 11, 2009

Transform Your House Into Your Home

Moving Announcement
Imagine the furniture is in, the pictures are hung, yet the house still has that brand new feeling. The process of creating that feeling of 'home' in a new house actually happens after we move all of our ‘stuff’ in until our backs ache from moving the couch. It is when we send out the Announcements Moving Cards in the sounds of friends and family that those new rooms come together to create a home.

An important way we customarily mark our passage into a new house is by having a housewarming party. The announcements moving party is one of the greatest rituals of all time-a tradition where friends, family, and neighbors help us celebrate a new beginning. It doesn’t matter if there are five or fifty friends celebrating your move announcements; the sounds of their laughter and yours will warm every room and transform a house into your home. You can find tasteful but inexpensive moving cards online.

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