Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Safeguard Your Equipment While Transporting

When most people think of truck racks, they envision contractor's trucks -- often beat-up pickups with precariously mounted metal racks in their beds. While truck racks are well suited to a contractor's needs, they are also very versatile, practical accessories with many different uses. Whether it is for work or leisure, truck racks can facilitate your transporting of equipment in a safe and secure way.

If indeed you are thinking of the fitted racks for construction work, truck racks and van racks are the perfect solution for a contractor's needs. Strong ladder racks provide a way to haul ladders and lumber horizontally without hanging them off the end of the bed. Ladder racks are flat open framework that needs to be mounted on top of a vehicle, especially on pickup trucks. They are used to carry various loads. This includes long pipes, boards, tools, logs and timber. They can be mounted to create a roof framework that supports cargo and baggage. They have integrated locking systems that keep the load from falling off during transition.

Cycling is a popular sport in many areas, but unless you have an awesome network of bike routes in your city, you probably have to drive to get to the trailheads. Therefore finding a way to haul bikes is an issue for many people. Truck racks make a great way to haul bikes, canoes and kayak much more safer than trunk racks for sedans. While bikes tend to bang around a lot when hung on the end of a trunk, truck racks enable you to secure them better -- often without having to take off the front tire, either.

Speaking of safety, mud flaps or mud guards are designed to protect the vehicle's side panels from mud, loose pieces of rock, gravel and other debris that can fling out from the tires. Any pickup truck without mud flaps will quickly be exposed to dings, dents and paint damage to their vehicle's exterior. The reality is, any type of large tired vehicle can benefit from installing mud flaps. When front and rear mud flaps are installed, the vehicle's door panels and fender panels are protected from flying rocks, paint chip damage, and driver's traveling behind you.

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