Sunday, September 24, 2006

Human BeatBox

Have you seen this guy doing the human beatboxing thing? What is beatboxing, you ask? Well, when a friend gave me this link (shown at the end of this post) I have no idea at all what it was all about. Until I heard this guy on the headphone. Wow, he sounded amazing! All with human vocal cord.

I have watched people mimicking birds before but not musical instruments like this. I have heard people done motor vehicles too but beatboxing sounds cool. The part where he sang AND did the beats as background music sounds difficult. I have enjoyed this short presentation. Hope you like it too...

Normally I would prefer soft and calm music such as Jazz but these guys making the beats without any instruments other than the microphone is interesting. I remembered in the late 70's there was a band that sang very well without music instruments called Sha-Na-Na. I really enjoyed that group's music and short TV stories. There are also some music bands today that sang without the use of musical instruments, right? Do you know of any groups or bands?

Another guy doing the beatbox whom I think is rather good as well.

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