Monday, November 12, 2007

Week Number 90

1) What is the secret to aging contentedly?

I personally think it is to have goals in life that involves more than self. Spirituality and serving God can help one to focus on other issues and in helping others than the ailments of old age.

2) If you had to give up your computer and your TV at home, what would you do for entertainment?

Reading, radio or visit friends more.

3) Name the most embarrassing moment of your life.

Falling on my behind at a skating ring. But then again so do many others.

4) What topic do you feel least comfortable discussing with a lover?

Well, with my husband it is a matter of money and budgeting. I leave it mostly to him because I get easily stressed by figures.

5) Show and Tell. What comes to mind first when you see this picture? Or, tell a story if it reminds you of one.

Looks like a concert. I have not really been in a concert where a band sings before. I am not that interested in bands. However, I have been to the Phantom of the Opera twice. Once in Canada and another time in Singapore and enjoyed it tremendously. I think I have been to one or two musicals and piano/organ concerts too.

Meme from Curious as a Cat


  1. that pic brings me to my teenage life where i had the passion for watching free concerts back in town and frequenting bars to listen to pop and disco songs, sometimes country songs too, i miss that part of my life^^

  2. Thanks for stopping by. I too fall down while skating; ouch!

    The questions for this week are (finally!) posted.