Wednesday, January 23, 2008

10 Things That Were Better "Way Back When"

1. When I have not heard of the word terrorism and ethnic cleansing.

2. Songs and music have singable lyrics with slow and easy tunes. You can actually sing along with the radio. At the very least you can hum along with the melodious tunes.

3. There were ice cream on sticks that cost 10 cents. In Malaysia 10 cents is about 3 cents in USD.
drooling Now ice creams come with brand names such as Baskin Robbins. No need to elaborate more on the price here.

4. It was safer outdoors for kids to play in the playground and for ladies' handbags. Snatch thieves are common now. Kidnappers and in the true sense of napping kids is sadly common too. There are many advertisements of missing children in my area now. Posters everywhere.

5. There were less cars on the road.

6. Movies have less blood and gore and more substance.

7. People trust each other more. I remember as a kid that I was free to go visit neighbours. People knew one another in the neighbourhood and there is no fear. Neighbourhood children will come over to my house too. Now I don't know who live two doors away from my apartment and the ones who lived next door is not sound in mind.

8. Children can be themselves. They can behave like kids, free to play and be creative. These days television becomes their baby sitter, their minds become inactive or worse fed with violence and immoral images from the TV and internet. Young ones and older become addicted to gadgets and less skillful in communication.

9. When I was not sick so frequently.

10. When I can really be absorbed in reading a book. I find that I can't concentrate that well these days. It is frequently distracted. I think it is a bad habit and I intend to have a regular reading routine again.

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