Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Three Word Wednesday

A quick run thru of the instructions, for any newcomers. Each week, I’ll post three words. Your mission is to write something–a poem, story, sentence, anything–using all three words.

This week’s words are:


Sandra's face grew a redder when she heard her name whispered by the other girls as she enters the classroom. She can imagine the latest gossip about the patch of bruised deep reddish purple on her arm. For as long as Sandra could remember, she hasn’t been in the good books of her classmates since Primary Five or younger. She has always been the odd one out. Whether it is the way she wears her hair short most of the time like a boy’s or the way she likes her skirt below her knees with shirt neatly tucked into the waistband of her skirt rather than the “minis” the other girls fancy, they always find something to gossip about her.

Nevertheless, Sandra didn’t mind keeping company with her books rather than these naïve girls. In her own world, she had traveled to strange and foreign lands and met with numerous dignitaries, noblemen, famous people and even royalties in these journeys. Actually so engrossed was her in her recent “meeting” with a Prince from some faraway land, she lost her balance from her tree house and fell down hurting her arm.

Sandra promised herself to rise above their station of pettiness and reminded herself to be more careful with her future escapades.


  1. Welcome to 3WW! Very engrossing first post. I like this short story.

    PS: Keep the nickname option open. Easy for blogger users to leave their direct links. I prefer that.

  2. Welcome to 3WW! :)

    People will always find something to be petty about, something to gossip about. Seems to me that we work really hard at hurting people a lot of the time.

  3. I like the way she 'travels'. Falling out of a treehouse after meeting a Prince is a clever description. Nice post!

  4. Welcome to 3WW.

    Liked your story and the pettiness of the girls along with the girl's own thoughts.

  5. Hey, nice to meet you! I like your story. Most bookworms would relate! Books provide solace, even to bruised arms!

  6. Glad you've joined us at 3WW. Like Sandra's promise.

  7. People can say hurtful things in their gossip as they never take the time to see the real person. I think that is what hurts most. Sadly, they are missing out. Thanks for sharing. Have a nice day.