Saturday, January 19, 2008

Feast One Hundred & Seventy Six

What is your favorite beverage?

I would say that it is coffee.

Name 3 things that are on your computer desk at home or work.

I have my wedding photo, a table fan and my mobile phones on my computer desk.

On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being highest), how honest do you think you are?

I would say 9. There is no reason for me to lie if I am being upright true to my own conscience. The only 1 point left that I didn't give myself is for those extreme sensitive cases whereby I would just not divulge the full facts if the person does not have the right to know or when they should get the facts from more authoritative sources.

Main Course
If you could change the name of one city in the world, what would you rename it and why?

There is a city named Ayer Keroh (Muddy Water) in the state of Malacca in Malaysia. Though I am not sure how the place earned the name as such but perhaps a more pleasant one could be Pleasantville. Malay that could sound like Bandar Seronok.

What stresses you out? What calms you down?

I feel stressed out when I travel for long journeys. Perhaps this is because I have skin problems and traveling in an enclosed vehicle makes it itchy due to low blood circulation. The heat in the car even though air conditioned makes the skin bad too after a long journey.

What calms me down is reading and resting in a quiet place. Soft music helps too. Perhaps chocolates thrown in for good measure will be most welcomed.

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  1. Happy Friday.

    I love the coffee pic you chose for your feast.

    I am not fond of long trips either. They usually end with a migraine for me.

    Have a lovely weekend.