Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Five things you like and/or dislike about your job

Give Me Five things you like and/or dislike about your job.

1. I like teaching children as a part time tutor. Many times I am amused and stumped by the questions and observations that the children make.

2. I also dislike having too many children in one class because I get stressed out easily when the children misbehave and of course being kids, they do. I can literally feel my pressure go up when children get naughty or being difficult. Sometimes, I can't breathe when the pressure is going up.

3. Now that I am into earning through blogging, I view this as a job as well besides writing. I like blogging that it is fun and a nice way to meet other folks through online social networking.

4. I don't have to commute to and from home to office.

5. What I dislike about blogging is though I can work from home, the hours are not that flexible as I thought. I mean to get the earning opportunities and the amount of time I spend at the computer is much more than a normal office worker. I really need much self discipline to make working from home worthwhile and not jeopardize my health instead. Need a schedule and be organized to make this work.


  1. I will do this before the week ends! I have to vent, and this is a good excuse! :D

  2. Yes, I send waaaay too much time blogging if I am not too careful, it invades the amount of work I get done for my regular job! LOL
    Thanks for participating in the GM5 this week!!! Sorry it took me so long to come by.