Monday, January 14, 2008

Curious as a Cat-Week Number 100

1) If you could have the characters from any painting come to life, which painting would you choose?

The Last Supper but I know it is not possible. tongue

2) What athlete do you have the most respect for? Why?

Hmm...not sure about this. I am not a fan of any sports.

3) What physical ailment would you most like to avoid as you age?

Alzheimer's disease or any kind that makes one looses one's mind or mental faculty.

4) What is the most disturbing sound you know of?

Howling wind when it seeps through the windows. But other types of course include screaming children, heavy machinery, sirens, heavy metal and the list can go on.

5) Show and Tell. What comes to mind first when you see this picture? Or, tell a story if it reminds you of one.

Public Domain Photo

It is a great holiday retreat! Jamie is so happy to finally reach the cabin at the mountain top. It has been a rather hazardous drive to maneuver her four wheel drive along the winding road because the road is wet with melted snow but she really needed to get away from the city for awhile. Along the journey she is glad to have Jack to keep her company. Jack has been with her since he was a week's old puppy. Jamie got Jack from the neighbour who had too many puppies to care for and gave one to Jamie as a gift. She loved Jack from from the first day she laid eyes on him.

Jamie played, slept and ate with Jack. He is likened to a part of the family. She is ever so happy to find Jack excitedly wagging it's tail in pleasure at seeing her home from college and later when she started work. She likes to tickle his ears to make it bark crazily! She has told many stories and secrets to Jack knowing that he is always so understanding and never judging. Although folks say that dogs are man's best friend but Jamie loved Jack as if he is her best friend.

The cabin is a family retreat home that is well equipped and nicely furnished little cottage. There is really no need for Jamie to chop wood or get groceries as the cabin is also maintained by a keeper that is hired to check on the cabin once a month for supplies. Or if the family is coming for a longer stay, they will call the keeper to arrange all that is needed. Jamie has visited the cabin alone with Jack many times to meditate and rest.

After setting her stuff in the room, she took Jack for a quiet walk outside. Jack is exhilarated and he is barking and exercising his legs running around. After all he is on familiar grounds. While happily chasing and playing with Jack, suddenly Jamie's leg caught on something and she felt a sharp pain shot through her thighs and hips instantly forcing her to kneel down. She bellowed for Jack to support her to the cabin. Surprisingly, Jack fled from the scene! Jamie is panicking now. She left her mobile phone in the cabin and she wondered if she could crawl to the cabin on her own. When she tried to stand on her feet, she let out a sharp cry and fell back on to the snow. She started to cry.

Suddenly she heard a man's voice and felt a pair of strong hands helping her up and supporting her body. When Jamie wipe her tears away she saw a handsome guy with Jack tagging along! Jack hasn't abandon her after all! He had sense her pain and also his keen sense of smell had moved him to seek help. After helping Jamie to the cabin, the guy introduced himself as Jack as well. When he first saw Jack the dog, he knew something must have happened to the owner because Jack was frantic. And when Jack the guy, followed Jack the dog to the scene of Jamie's accident, he heard Jamie called out his name! So he quickly came to her rescue. Now Jamie has TWO loved ones in her life named Jack.

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  1. I loved your story again this week. You have a great imagination!

    I'm finding it interesting that everyone includes screaming children in their answer to #4 so far....

    Have a great week.