Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Make Your Web Browsing Secure

The internet just like any other activity we do in real life is full of all kinds of people. There has been real cases such as when a young woman started getting nasty messages on her answering machine from several men. Then a man reached her by phone and said that he was responding to the indecent invitations she had posted on the Internet. It took her a while to find out that someone had assumed her identity in cyberspace and was posting the ads on the Internet. Not only that, but the shadowy impostor was giving out her address, directions to her residence, and even advice on how to bypass her house alarm!

So how can we safeguard our identity on the internet? When we visit a website, send and e-mail, download an image from the internet, all these activities is connected back to our unique IP address. With this information, hackers can can trace our private details straight to our Internet service provider. They can then launch an attack against our computer. And identity theft fraudsters can track our activities and build profiles of our Internet use.

To prevent this from happening hide IP address and surf the internet invisibly. It can be done using this software at Hide My IP Address. ( http://www.hide-my-ip-address.com/ ) This software is easy to use and we don't need to be techno savvy or a computer geek to run it. It is instant and comes with a life time support if you have any difficulty using the program. Most of all it doesn't cost a bomb or even an arm and a leg. Check it out for your privacy and safety sake.

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