Saturday, January 26, 2008

Medical Training Career-Ultrasonographer

When a mother-to-be enters a doctor's room to anxiously know of her baby's gender, she is met with a ultrasonographer or an ultrasound technologist. Sonography or ultrasonography is the use of ultrasound to make pictures of muscles and internal organs, their size, structures and possible pathologies or lesions for the purpose of medical examination or diagnosis of various medical conditions.

As an ultrasound tech one is trained to operate and use special equipment to direct sound waves into a patient's body. These waves will create echoes that are bounced back to the receiver which will interpret those echoes. The machine will then transformed these echoes or vibrations into digital images.

Generally full time ultrasonographers work about 40 hours a week. If they work at hospitals, then may have evening or weekend shifts in addition to the times that they are on-call and need to report to work on short notice. Job prospects are positive as many patients are more aware of the safer methods used in sonography.

If you are considering to begin your career in sonography, there are some ultrasound tech school that you can check out. Sonographic technology is expected to increase rapidly and the employment of ultrasonographers is expected to grow with the demand. The salary ranges from $40,000 to $56,000 per annum.

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