Sunday, January 20, 2008

Prevent Identity Theft with LifeLock

Identity theft is a new epidemic of fraud. Victims of this crime is complex, insidious, and potentially devastating. Victims suddenly discover that someone is running up huge bills, cheating creditors, and causing other havoc in their name. In some lands the law protects the victims from having to pay for these charges, but they can end up with a damaged reputation and bad credit.

When you become a member of LifeLock Promotion Code your identity will be protected at each of the major credit reporting bureaus. The CEO of LifeLock actually published his social security number on the site to demonstrate his confidence in this system. In fact there is a $1 million service guarantee to go with this program. The steps that the system and company go through to protect your identity is listed briefly but clearly on the site. To get started on this system, go to LifeLock Promo Code.

In the event that your important documents such as credit cards, driving licenses or ATM cards are stolen or lost, do not despair. A program called WalletLock at Promotion Code provide you with a complete recovery service.

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