Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Some stories from my reading

So as I have said in a previous post, my reading of A Cup of Comfort for Sisters (look at my sidebar on the right) which is half way through by now have yielded some rather inspiring, funny and even psychic connections between sisterhood. I am now on page 106 of the 323 paged book. Of course the last few pages are the editor's notes, credits to the contributors since this is like a compilation of many stories and also an appeal to anyone who is interested to write for A Cup of Comfort. (http://www.cupofcomfort.com/)

I like the story Psychic Sisters' Hotline on pages 87-93 about the close bond that these two sisters shared. Although they had six years of difference in age, they have the uncanny connection in matters of buying stuffs. Like one sister would be telling or thinking about a product such as sandals, brand of green tea, bras, sliders for furniture, cup holders and other stuff only to see and know that the other sister is already using them or purchased them on the SAME day without prior knowledge of the other's latest find!

There is another Sister Power about 5 sisters who can say each a word to finish a sentence! They rallied around one another through difficult times in helping one sister to get pregnant though they lived in different states. When it finally happened through the sacrifice of all five sisters and their families, the five sisters said:

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