Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Software to Download Entire Sites

Have you been surfing the Internet when you came across an interesting website but as you wanted to download an image or audio file, the browser froze and you need to restart your computer? Or what about when you need to download some files or images so that you can work offline? You may want to store some documents with images and audio files on the CD- ROM?

Now you can actually "swipe sites" or to website download with the software to download entire sites. The software can help reduce downloading time and speed it up with its
8 simultaneous connections. You can see how this can be done effectively and efficiently with the one simple click at Website Downloader (http://www.web-site-downloader.com/) You can get this product at no charge except a one time fee of $16.95 (approximately £8.95 or 11.95 Euros) to cover distribution and support. Head over there for a look see.

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