Thursday, January 24, 2008

Tomorrow is Another Day


Tomorrow is another day. Or so Ivy thought. As her eyes started getting into focus she is still thinking about what could have happened last night. Why couldn't she recall anything? She darted her eyes nervously at the strange surrounding that she had awaken to. She felt her body aching from head to toe. There seems to be bruises on her arms. She tried to get up and her head spin out of axis. Ivy tried to steady herself. She slowly staggered to the bathroom. She needed to splash some cold water on her face. She couldn't recognize the woman in the mirror. There was blood on her face! She quickly wash herself and tried to scrub her skin until it tingles. What happened last night? Was she raped? Where is she? Should she call the police before she cleans up the mess or evidence so to speak? She wished she could recalled. Ouch, her head hurts.

Ivy had decided that she had better leave the place before she report anything to the police. As she stepped out of the bathroom, she noticed the place was in a mess. There were magazines and newspaper scattered all around the room. She quickly opened the door and she had to cover her nose as the stench hits her. Then she saw him. His body lying there sprawled on the living room floor. Ivy gasped as she recognized her boss with a gun shot wound to his chest, dead. The blood on his shirt, the blood on her face...did she kill her boss? In a panic, Ivy fled the scene.

When she arrived at her own apartment, Ivy tried to catch her breath and think hard what should she do now. Ivy think that she just had to go to the police now before she loses consciousness again. But what will she tell the police? She was at the murder scene and she couldn't remember anything? Perhaps she will seek her best friend's advice. She went over to Shirley's place to tell her everything. Ever so practical, Shirley made her a meal and calm her down. As Ivy started to eat, she felt all queasy again. She excused herself and went to the bathroom. Her head is throbbing now. She rummaged through the medical cabinet and got hold of a shaving blade. Ivy felt her world darkening. She instinctively grabbed hold of the wash basin. She looks at the mirror and saw her reflection smiling back at her. Her eyes were sharp, too sharp.

When Ivy woke up the next morning, she was in her friend's apartment. She called out to Shirley but there was no reply. She needed coffee badly. As she walked into the the kitchen, she saw her lying on the floor. Shirley is dead, her throat slit. Ivy could not remember anything. In fear and panic, she ran out of the apartment.