Thursday, January 24, 2008

Pet Gift Baskets for Dogs and Cats, and even Owner

Pet lovers and pet owners know how much time and resources it takes to care for another "member" of their family. Therefore close friends and relatives would take into consideration of these adorable members when they visit or come to celebrate special occasions with these delightful companions. Is it difficult to get gifts for pets and their owners?

At PAWS Fifth Avenue™ Pet Gifts, there are gifts and gifts baskets for every special occasion for pets. You can think of special dates such as
on the arrival of New Family Members, Get Well, Just be PAWS, Thank You, Apology, Sympathy and other anniversaries to celebrate and present your beloved pets with wonderful goodies. While the cookies and brownies are being woofed down or gobbled up, the gift baskets come in pretty containers for keepsake and souvenir as a remembrance to the occasion.

There are specially packed dog gift baskets and not forgetting the cat lovers, cat gift baskets are available too. I like
The Cat’s Meow Treats and Toys depicted on the right. It comes with many goodies on a wrought iron feeding stand shaped like a cat with two hand painted ceramic bowls. I thought that was a brilliant idea for a unique gift. There are many more great ideas for pet gifts.

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