Friday, January 04, 2008


1. Did last year fly by for you or did it seem to drag?
I think it was gone with a whiz.

2. Was it a fairly calm year, or full of events and big happenings?
A fairly calm year.

3. What is one thing from last year you hope does NOT hold true for this year, too?
Me living a sedentary life. Hahaha...nothing has changed yet.

4. Got any moments or events coming up this year?
Besides the usual anniversaries and annual religious conventions, I can't think of anything extra yet.


  1. Hi! Thank you for playing Friday Fun! I hope 2008 is a wonderful year for you!

  2. Serena, How interesting all your posts are! I didn't do Friday's Feast or Friday Fun but I did "Show and Tell" Friday. Come visit my post: Answers to the Questions :)