Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Bedtime Tales

I seldom have guests sleep over at my house. There is not much space and room for having guests staying overnight at my apartment. Nevertheless, I see that there are many new variety of guest beds that do not take up that much space. Guest Beds that can come with multiple functions such as storage space and drawers at the bottom or those that have the extra sliding bunk underneath it. In fact, take a look at this model here on the right, the Paris Guest Bed that comes the underneath mattress which can be pulled out and if you affix it with spring assisted legs will instantly be transformed into a large double bed or two single beds. What a space saver this is. The price is set at £439.

If the guests are your children's playmates, there are also imaginative and innovative beds that stimulate their thinking and have great bedtime tales to tell each other. What do I mean? Well, see for yourself this Grand Prix Car invention on the left. Doesn't that just fire up our kid's imagination? Though the paint may look shiny, this is not a metal frame. It is made of safe solid wood for a sturdy construction which can fit the standard mattress. This is going for the cool price of £159.00. Go ahead, set them off to a journey of sweet dreams.

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