Saturday, February 23, 2008

Free wiki website

I am sure most of you have heard if not use the free encyclopedia called wikipedia? It is made up of collaborative work of volunteers and individuals from all around the world to provide additional information, links and guides on specific topics and articles. Visitors do not need specific qualifications to create or contribute to the resources for this free online encyclopedia. Anyone is welcome to add or edit the articles with citations and cross reference to a wiki article. When you understand how the concept of wiki works, you can better grasp how to create a wiki of your own. Nevertheless, my post today is not about wikipedia but a site that can help us create wiki pages or articles effortlessly.

Free website and wiki creation can be as easy as 1-2-3 with Wetpaint. Wetpaint has made creating a free wiki webpage a breeze. You can start by choosing a topic of your interest, pick the style for your site and you can also have control of whether you want your wiki site to be made public accessible to everyone or private where you can invite a few friends and family to contribute to the information for your wiki website.

There is a short video clip on the site that explains and show you how easy starting your own wiki can be. Wetpaint is created not just for professionals and experts or even the techno savvy folks but it is user friendly to anyone that wishes to share their passion for a hobby, their love for their pets, discuss new movie releases and celebrities, teachers collaborating with their students about assignments, researches, discuss class materials at the education section, find other like minded folks to discuss their possessions (you will see the video clip give the example of a scooter) and much more.

Once your wiki website is launched, you can easily edit and save information using the EasyEdit Toolbar available. Editing the pages are as easy as using any word processor. The advantage of using Wetpaint are you can also add videos from YouTube, photos, polls, and more with just a click and type function. Do visit the site even if all these information is a little overwhelming to you right now. There are many visitors that had started some 500,000 wikis and articles at Wetpaint and your input will be much cherished to add on the usefulness of the site.

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