Friday, February 29, 2008

Twist and Shout!

When we were kids, it seems so normal to dance spontaneously to any music that moves our feet. So what happens now when we had grown up? How come we need to be dragged to the dance floor? Why have we grown all so self conscious about the way we look, the way we move and most importantly, we forget how good dancing feels. Dancing feels good for a reason. It stimulates endorphins which is our body's natural mood lifting hormones. It's also a great form of exercise that has the added benefit of helping us express our feelings. That's a great combination for stress reliever.

So get up and go take a dance class or something. Ah, just turning up the stereo and move to the beat will do too, with or without a partner. Have fun! Here you go, twist and shout!

Chubby Check - Let's Twist Again

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