Monday, March 17, 2008

Fashion Schools

I have to admit that some people have the gift the fashion sense in them. I mean they just somehow "knew" what looked nice and what didn't. For example, have you ever been out with a friend that have the eye for a special piece of clothing? It just glares at them when we can't even see it if it is in front of us? They can even tell you things like "I bet this looks good with a flare skirt," or "If only this dress is made of silk."

Are YOU this type of person? Then you might want to think about going to fashion schools in California or fashion schools in Los Angeles. There are times when you may have ideas or thoughts such as you can design something better than the piece of clothing you are browsing at the shops, you feel a keen sense to rate and discuss fashion shows, you have sensitive touch to the fabric and could "envision" how a certain evening gown or party frock would look like. Then perhaps you might want to heighten your talents by enrolling in a fashion school in California.

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