Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Guilty Pleasures Edition

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1. Food: Everyone has at least one favorite guilty pleasure food. The one that makes everything seem right in the world. The one whose caloric content no longer matters because of how good it makes you feel! What is that food for you?

Chocolates for sure. I like food with cheese too like sandwiches, pasta, lasagna and yummy cheese cake! drooling

2. Pampering: Pampering is always good for indulging yourself! What is your favorite pampering thing? Is it a hot bath with some sinfully delicious bath and body products? A mani/pedi? A massage? Give us the goods!

I used to go for facial. It is supposed to just clean out the pores but the face massage is so soothing that I can almost fall asleep on the couch. I feel very pampered indeed. It is costly though for the facial products and the treatment. I can't remember the brand of facial products that was used now. Stuff like cleanser, exfoliate cream, toning lotion, moisturizer, etc. It has been ages since I had one. sigh

3. TV and books: Do you have a guilty pleasure when it comes to reading or watching TV? You know, a show or a book that you just don’t want to admit you read or watch AND enjoy? Give up the dirt!

Hmm...I do read romance novels but nowadays I am more into Jodi Picoult's books. The books are showed case on my Shelfari bookshelf at the bottom of my blog. I don't watch television at all now and I don't have one for more than 6 months now. raised eyebrow

4. Shopping: Most everyone has something that is nearly impossible to avoid buying, regardless of whether or not you need it What is that thing for you? Nail polish, yarn, shoes? Something else?!

Books and nothing else. I only buy those other stuff when really necessary. My weakness is books. I can't stop buying them even though there are still some unwrapped in plastic cover because I have no time to read them.
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