Thursday, March 27, 2008

Managing Conflicts

To err is humane. So if a couple argue, does this mean that they no longer love each other? The answer is no. Even in the best of marriages, there will occasionally be some conflict. Although most married couples want to treat each other in a loving and kind manner, we are imperfect and will make mistakes. So when disagreements arise, emotions may be difficult to control. Once an argument starts, some may find it a real challenge to curb bad habits such as screaming and abusive speech.

Sometimes factors such as different communication styles between the male and female can be the cause of such contention where one wants to discuss a problem in detail but the other are just interested in the end result. Another factor could be the family background in which one was raised up in. Some families are quiet and finds confrontation difficult and uncomfortable whereas there are folks that are very expressive and they have no problems letting others know how they feel.

Interestingly researchers have found that the most reliable indicator of how happy a marriage will be is not how often the couple say they love each other. Sexual compatibility and financial security are not the most important factors either. Instead, the most dependable indicator of marital success is how well husband and wife manage any conflicts that arise.

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