Thursday, May 08, 2008

What type of water do you drink?

What type of water do you drink? I mean there was this question posted at one of the forum that I am participating now. Whether it is safe to drink from the tap or do we prefer bottled water. Perhaps in some countries it is safe to drink from the tap but certainly not in Malaysia. Even in the city, the water is too contaminated.

I use a distiller at my home. See the photo. I pour tap water into the container. Then it boils the water and when the boiled water evaporates, the fan on top (cover of distiller) cools the vapour and water flows out into plastic container. That water is sweet. I am not kidding. The ants come for it. But this water is really clean and pure with no chemicals added. It simulates the natural water cycle but without pollution. The sediments and rust that are left over after the distillation process proves to me that tap water at my place is not safe for drinking even after boiling.


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  2. Hi Serena! It's been a long time since I last visited...because I lost your URL! Luckily I logged on in my my blogcatalog and I saw you there so here I am saying Hello!

    re: water...we still can drink from the tap here though I also prefer distilled or bottled because the water tends to be hard. Really , the water that comes out is sweet? wow!

    til here and I hope you wont mind me visiting again, will save your link now :) Have a fine weekend!