Monday, June 30, 2008

Discount Bar Stools and Kitchen Counter Stools

Believe it or not but although I have moved house many times, my dining room counter top and bar stools always move with me no matter where I settle in. I actually had the counter top dismantled to be re install at the new apartment every time I move. The counter top in which I use as part kitchen counter top as well as a dining table with four counter stools had really followed my hubby and I to many places. Although now I only have two of the original four stools left, they are still solid and sturdy after more than 10 years. Bar stools are really elegant and saves space especially for an apartment lifestyle.

If I am thinking of getting replacement kitchen bar stools for my counter top, I would like this Wooden Bar Stool with Light Cherry Finish on the top left. It compliments the light cherry finish of my counter top and I like it comes with a microfiber, canvas, wood, rice rush or vinyl seat, you can count on its comfort, durability and overall beauty. That unique markings and grain variations of naturally beautiful wood to show through, making it appear smooth and sophisticated.

On the other hand, if I need to work instead of having meals, I might just get this Backless Kitchen Bar Stool on the right for easy movement and space saving. Sometimes I do notice that guest are especially drawn to these bar stools because of its height and beauty. It you decide to get swivel bar stools, do be careful of children or even adults who will constantly take it for a spin, literally that is. Some of the contemporary and sophisticated styles really adds to the ambiance of your living room or even the kitchen. Do check out some of these great discount bar stools at attractive prices.


  1. Purchasing counter stools is a great opportunity to display your personal style. There is a wide variety of styles that can match your homes current decor including traditional, novelty, and casual styles, to name only a few.Once you have determined which counter stool style will best fit your home's decor, you must decide if you need specific counter stool features. This includes seat orientation, upholstery, and whether it can be utilized outdoors. Popular counter stool features include swivel seats, fabric, vinyl and leather upholstery options and more.

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