Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Choose Safe and Secure Baby Furniture

Ask any experienced traveling moms and they will tell you that it is no joke to travel with your baby unless you are well equipped. One very useful equipment to have while traveling would be the travel cots. This is because these travel baby cots can be folded in seconds to be stored away in a carrying case. When buying travel cots, make sure that it is light, portable, convenient for storage and can easily be set up and dismantled. Today, some travel cots come with wheels for easy transportation.

Back home then, the baby crib is essentially the most important piece of baby furniture as your baby would spend a considerable time in it. A baby crib has to meet the US Consumer Product Safety Commission standards and must be designed to protect a baby from injuries. The ideal baby crib is made of strong and sturdy wood or wrought iron or injection-molded plastic. An important aspect of baby cribs is that they must not have sharp edges or loose fittings. All corners need to be well rounded to ensure that a baby does not hurt while prancing around in the crib.

On the topic about baby highchairs, factors such as making sure the chair has a good wide base for stability to help reduce the risk of it tipping over, cannot be overlook. A good secure harness or seat strap to keep your baby firmly attached in the high chair. There should be a sturdy, but comfortable, strap that attaches to the waist belt and then passes through baby's legs, so they don’t slide down under the feeding tray. If possible look for one that has a fixed 5-point harness, as that will be the safest. Many babies and children are actually injured when the baby has not been correctly restrained, and baby has fallen out.

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