Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Learn Pottery the Fun and Easy Way

When it comes to throwing clay on a potter's wheel, there are a myriad of problems that anyone could face such as sculpting something and their clay has sat too long and dried out or they might have begun a wonderful vase or bowl on the potter's wheel only to cut it from the wheel and have it fired to realize that the clay was still way too thick.

One of the difficulties in throwing clay is to find the center of the clay. The process of centering clay means you have a finished piece that is relatively even on all sides and isn't the least bit lopsided. Nowadays there is a centering tool or device that helps the wet clay being shaped and molded before spinning on a wheel. Because clay is centered before the wheel begins to spin, students can experience the thrill and the art of throwing without losing time and patience getting to this point. You can view this device and diagram of how teaching wheel throwing can be done in three simple steps.

Once the clay has been molded and shaped, it is set to dry. Since discovering clay many people have become fascinated by the amazing complexity and unpredictability of the medium and the endless possibilities for the making and decorating of a form. With your own hands you can form a bowl, cup or plate from a lump of clay. At AMACO/Brent, you will find experienced teachers and instructors on the art of teaching clay art and pottery making.

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