Thursday, July 17, 2008

SocialSpark to spruce up your blogging business

I am sure most of my blogger friends would have heard of
SocialSpark by now. However, for the benefit of some other visitors that have not had the opportunity to chance upon this multiple faceted site, I would like to introduce you to an ultimate all-in-one package site for bloggers. Many hardworking bloggers know for a fact now that blogging is not just a matter of write and post. There is a need to get traffic as well. This means getting readers and visitors to your blogs.

So what most bloggers would do is join many social networking sites that features different blogs in categories, offer forums and topics of interest which can lead to many heated discussions and hurt feelings, make friends and vote on each other's blogs. This is in fact what can be done at SocialSpark minus the forum part. You can make friends and vote for each other's blogs and also send instant messages to each other.

Another feature that would enthrall bloggers at SocialSpark is that it is also a marketplace for advertisers and bloggers themselves. How so? You can actually make money from your blogs. When you sign up at SocialSpark, you create a profile where advertisers and other bloggers can view. The advertisers will then do the same when they have some opportunities or task for the bloggers. You then browse through the opportunities matching the topic of your blogs and expertise and reserve the task if applicable. Now the ball is in the advertiser's court. They will peruse your profile and and send you a message within the system to let you know that they have accepted your blog for the assignment. It is that simple.

At SocialSpark, it values the part advertisers and bloggers play at making it a success for everyone and therefore it will adhere to the code of ethics such as:

-100% Audit-able In-Post Disclosure
-100% Transparency
-100% Real Opinions
-100% Search Engine Friendly

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