Friday, August 01, 2008

Amazing Cufflinks for Branding Yourself

Cufflinks are decorative items that are used mainly by men to fasten the cuffs of shirt sleeves. For the ladies, cufflinks can be used to fasten the two sides of the cuff on a dress shirt or blouse. These special cuffs have two buttonholes and no buttons. This allows a cufflink to be used to tie the two ends together. Besides the obvious usage of cuff links which is to hold either the sleeve shirt together, there are the element of advertising of promoting one's company or hobby as well.

Cufflinks allow the wearer to coordinate with other men in a function such as a wedding or a company meeting. They also allow the wearer to display any interests in hobbies, professional associations, sports, etc. The possibilities are endless. Take for example, you are in the line of Information Technology (IT), wouldn't it be awesome to have the cufflinks showing the www. and @ monogram? That would surely let others know what professional line you are associated with.

Now some folks may not like to wear watches on the wrist due to oversensitive skin. But did you know that there are actually working and functional cute little watches as cufflinks? Yes, there are. They don't touch your skin at all because they are attached to the cuffs instead of on you. I thought they looked pretty amazing and awesome as gifts and I definitely don't mind having a pair of those.

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