Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Benefits of Using Voice Broadcasting

Voice Broadcast is a powerful tool of communication that can be utilized by both businesses and non-profit organizations. Technically speaking, voice broadcast is a pre-recorded voice message stored on your computer's hard disk or within your service provider's system. Voice broadcast is a communications solution that allows you to deliver voice messages to up to thousands of people at once. Voice broadcast is used to convey a pre-recorded message to one's target audience. The voice broadcast is delivered to anyone with a multimedia PC on the corporate data network that is given access to listen.

Whether you want to promote a product among a new target audience, send a reminder to your loyal customers or notify your community members of a new charity event, voice broadcast will deliver your message and save your resources. When previously you or your employees spent a month sitting on a phone and talking their throats to sore, now thanks to voice broadcast it takes a couple of days to deliver your message to your target audience. For example, you can use voice broadcast to deliver a verbal sales pitch to a large selection of potential customers. You can even use voice broadcast to invite a select group of people to a special event. You can also use voice broadcast to confirm an appointment or meeting with a client, or to remind a customer of a bill past-due.

In situations where personal communication is not required, voice broadcast can be an effective business and marketing tool, eliminating the need to dial each of your customers, clients, and leads individually, so you and your staff can spend your time more effectively. A broadcast cannot be interrupted or bypassed. The ability to send dynamic messages also allows your business the opportunity to gather more information from the user, and this information can be used to customize future voice broadcasts.

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  1. Voice broadcast dialers have been popular among many B2C companies, especially if the dialer gives the prospect the option to press a number to connect to a live representative. This has proved very cost effective to contact people who are otherwise difficult to reach or they are a colder lead.