Saturday, September 13, 2008

Christian Chat Rooms

Many Christians around the world enjoy fellowship with one another and also to discuss their beliefs and encourage one another. With the advance of technology, these fellowships have encompassed some to join chat rooms so that they can also have such fellowship online. Nevertheless, with the anonymity behind the computer, it is wise to set some rules and regulations for the smooth flowing of the discussions.

It seems common sense but if you are interested in joining a Christian Chat room, you should not propagate anything anti-Christian, or inappropriate for a Christian chat room. Some people are not joining these chat rooms for fellowship (or for wanting to know about Christianity), but simply for disrupting fellowship, offending people, whatever, then that person is not welcome. There should be monitors to watch over the chat rooms, promote fellowship, and protect the chat rooms when necessary. Preferably every chat user has one single identity in the chat rooms. Do not solicit funds for any charities in our chat rooms. Do not engage in any blasphemous, profane, or improper talk, or any talk that is offensive to our Christian community. 

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