Friday, November 21, 2008

Sniffing Out Your Prospective Partners

I must say that writing about the human sex pheromones cologne is rather strange but an exciting assignment for me, especially from the female's perspective. Undoubtedly I was skeptical about this to say the least. First of all, what is pheromone cologne? Pheromone cologne is a revolutionary product that mixes the scent of cologne with the effects of male pheromones. Pheromone cologne is a specially designed pheromone to attract women. By the way, pheromone in itself is odorless.

Pheromone cologne is the only proven method of attracting women so there is no need to spend money on over-priced cologne with good advertising campaigns. Pheromone cologne is back by popular demand because of its astonishing power to unleash your sensuality. Using pheromone cologne is easy and you can put it on anywhere and for any occasion. Pheromones cause a chemical reaction in the human body that equals attraction and so pheromone cologne is claimed to act as a love potion.

Now, why do I believe or at least accept that this "concept" will work? Well, for one thing, it exists in the animal kingdom which uses scent to attract the female species. So if scientists and biologists have a way to extract the component that attracts the females it would have worked too. You will attract more women because the pheromone cologne is backed with a high concentration pheromone that has been proven over the years to attract women and IT DOES.

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