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Frisbee Toss

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Are you already tired of playing the same old tricky toss in Frisbee? Well, a good thing about playing Frisbee is that you can develop your very own moves and tosses. This is usually followed in the game Friskee, where players are judged according to the unique moves and tosses they make.

If you’re ready to take your play at a higher level, follow these steps so that you can get more from your regular toss.

  • Did you know that you can toss a Frisbee that will eventually come back to you? Well, that’s possible but you need to know the trick so that you can do it on your own. By now, you’re already aware of the different angles. You need to toss the Frisbee up at approximately 45 degrees angle. This may sound difficult at first but if you practice this move, you will soon be able to master it. Keep in mind that if you throw the Frisbee higher, it will also tend to come back faster towards you. You must be careful or else you can get hit. You can do this trick especially if you’re playing by yourself.
  • If you can get a friend of yours to play Frisbee, you can do this toss-move. Juggle the flying disc between the two of you. Make sure that you and the other player is 20 ft apart. You have to ensure that the Frisbees will not collide when they are in flight. This is a terrific workout because each of the players is throwing and catching more often as compared to playing regular Frisbee. You can start by using two Frisbees and you can increase its number as you become good at it.
  • Wobble Frisbee – this is a fun game. When you toss a Frisbee, it flies without making any wobbles. If you want to play wobble Frisbee, you need to place a little of mud on the Frisbee’s one side. Toss the flying disc into the air and because of the added weight, it will wobble while on flight. Be careful because you might hit someone.
  • If there are three or more players, you can do this trick. You have to get two Frisbees in different sizes. Tuck the smaller Frisbee to the bigger one. You need to grip the Frisbee’s lips and then throw them together at an angle. The other players must be ready to catch the Frisbees. Sometimes, the two Frisbees separate but there are also times when the discs stick together.

These toss-tricks may seem very simple but you will surely have a lot of fun. Regular Frisbee is fun but if you want to give it a new twist, try to incorporate these tricks into the game. Now, you can play Frisbee alone, with one opponent, or even in a group. Adding a touch of creativity will make the game more exciting. If you use your imagination and creativity, you will be able to come up with new toss-moves. You can use these new moves so that you and your friends can enjoy your Frisbee games.

Frisbee is a very energetic and fun game. It can give your body the needed exercise while you’re having a lot of fun. You can even meet new friends with the same interests in your neighborhood.

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