Thursday, November 22, 2007

Blogging Tips and Resources that I Use

Since I have using the blogger platform for some time now, I have sourced out some materials that I frequently use whether for changing my blog's layout or getting the calendar archive and tag cloud. Here are some of the sites that had helped me until now. I will list them out here for they may be of use to you as well.

Changing Labels to Tag Cloud

Having an Archive Calendar

Related Articles by Label

Free skin templates for layout/design

Remove Navbar (on top of blog)

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* Originally posted on 10 October 2007


  1. wow - thanks for going to all that trouble. i bookmarked it incase I needed to come back to it

  2. That's quite cool stuff, thanks for sharing!!!
    Great that you dropped a line at my blog :-))

  3. ah, i want to change my blog as well. thanks for sharing! i'll looked into the things i need. :D

  4. Hi Serena. Thanks for the info. I am actually considering a facelift for my blog at this time.