Sunday, October 21, 2007

Still in the midst of moving

The moving thing is making me rather restless and unsettled. The things are not unpacked fully yet. There is the window without any window panes. Took them out to fix air conditioner. And guess what, it was raining so heavily outside and there are no window panes at the window.

So my mood is a little crazy this week. I didn't even update my blogs yet. Phew!
waitingI need to prepare some posts soon. And start promoting my blogs again. If you are here regularly, please bear up with me.


  1. thanks for visiting my blog! yea, i knowing how it is like to be raining. but it's so cozy to sleep in...anyway, always like nasi lemak, until i read a report on the cholesterol level. didn't really stopped altogether, since i still sneak it into my lunch or dinner every now and then.

    you got a nice mutterings too. and it's so difficult to find an asian mutterer, especially in our region. :D anyway, it's tien here from you don't allow anonymous comments, so i have to bank in on my platoon account. :D

  2. oh my, i hope everything turns out ok as you do the moving thingy, and better have the panes fixed before it rains any harder^^