Monday, November 19, 2007

I am honoured

Wow, I am honoured to be awarded this by fellow blogger Zang. What makes it beautiful is that it was not expected at all. And to top it off, my FIRST award! Thank you Zang.

PS: I am not very good at this tagging thing but there is at least one person that I would like to give this award to. She actually took the trouble to remind me that I have not posted and promise to return to visit my blog when I have done so. Amazing! Hahaha... ZJ

And there is LordManilaStone for his frequent visits and encouragement.

Oh boy, I am really bad at this. Sorry folks, I appreciate all who visited and commented at my blog. Everyone contributed in their own ways. Whether it is something I've read from their blogs or even ideas for the layout, all are appreciated. Blogging is a learning process.


  1. hi serena, thank you so much for this honor, i think you too indeed are an amazing blogger, keep up the good job, you make my heart sing because of this award...^^

  2. Suosdei, Serena.
    I am so touched, thanks very much for thinking of me. You have not only included me in a great circle of amazing bloggers, but most of all, you have included me in your circle of friends! I am so tickled pink :D
    Okorn charan! Thanks.

  3. thanks for tagging back. you're really an amazing blogger, and you deserve to be given such award.