Saturday, December 15, 2007

Creative Adventure IX

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1. While cross-country skiing through an old country trail I notice a light through the trees ahead. Getting closer to the clearing, I see the light comes from an old cottage that looks inviting. I remove my skis and walk up the porch steps and knock on the door when the door creaked open on its own.

2. I step inside to a cozy living room and sitting in a big leather chair in front of the fireplace is a little old man. What do you call them, short about 3 feet tall people? Ah, dwarfs? This "little" old man has a very happy face. Although he was startled by my appearance, he quickly regained his composure. I apologized for intruding but try to explain that the door was ajar.

3. He smiles at me and offers me a seat and a cup of hot chocolate. We talk for a bit and he told me many interesting stories about the woods behind his cottage. One particular one was rather sweet. About a beautiful fair lady who got lost and wandered to the cottage, not in winter of course, and stayed for a year. She cleaned the house and took care of the old man and his brothers. It seems that someone tried to cheat the lady when the old man was working in the woods. Nevertheless, the lady recovered and she went to live with the love of her life in the city now. Then one of the old man's brother came in through the door. He looks almost identical in height with the old man except that he has twisted his face in a grumpy but adorable look. I tried to stifle a laughter when I see them both standing together.

4. Happy and warm I thank them both for their hospitality and go on my way, as I turn to wave goodbye I'm surprised to see that another FIVE short men joined the two men that I left! And they all looked identical in height and manner of dressing, mind you they didn't have pointed hats or wear weird tights for pants nor do they have any white beards, but I could almost sworn from the look of their faces... "Bashful," "Doc," "Dopey," "Grumpy," "Happy," "Sleepy" and "Sneezy." And I am thinking to myself that beautiful lady story...could it be? Snow White???


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  2. I do not make the banners bigger. I just go to add picture, then put the url of the banner in the url slot.The lay out is small.Hope that helps.Thanks.
    By the way, I was having a headache when I did the SatSpecial entry.I did not realize that the 5 questions shld be a whole story.I treated each question with a different story. LOL!