Monday, December 31, 2007

Curious as a Cat- Week 98

1) If there is someone in your life who has been your symbolic lighthouse, who would it be?

My husband. Always guiding and taking care of me, spiritually, emotionally and physically.

2) What career would you like to try for a year? Why?

I am not that adventurous and imaginative enough to try a new career. Perhaps being a "problogger" or one earning through blogging is a challenging enough career for me. From part time tutor to problogger then.

3) If you could be more focused in one area of your life, what would it be?


4) What was the best gift you ever gave to someone?

Listening ear.

5) Show and Tell. What comes to mind first when you see this picture? Or, tell a story if it reminds you of one.

It was New Year's Eve and Reena doesn't have a date for the party hosted by the new company that she had just joined a couple of months ago. It is not that she is not a sociable person, it is just that she has so much to learn and get settled in this new company. There are files to peruse, folders to organize, new people and clients to meet and even to refresh her product knowledge of the company that she now represents.

"What will I do at the party tonight by myself?" Reena thought about calling her ex boyfriend but she knew that he has probably got a date by now and they weren't really the best of pals after the breakup. But that is another story...

Reena thought about just NOT going for the party but she couldn't afford to miss
the opportunity to make her presence felt at the new company. Besides, her employers and colleagues need to get to know their Chief in Editor at Today's Fashion, don't they?

So with a heavy heart, Reena put on the new little
pleated strapless cocktail dress that she bought for the occasion. Oh yes, she had indeed put in some effort to get this dress. After all she is young, single and available and the New Year might just bring her a new life of romance as well!

As Reena arrived ALONE, at the party, she was greeted with a very festive and cheerful atmosphere of purple and red ornaments. There were pink and lavender ribbons on the walls and ceiling. Reena felt happy and cheerful already just by being there. After doing her round of social greetings, the shout of the countdown for the New Year began...10, 9, 8...

Reena though joyful, just step back into the shadow while the other staff got together with their partners and dates to be kissed. 7, 6, 5...

Reena felt someone walking towards her. It was Marcus, her ex boyfriend! She couldn't believe her eyes! There he is standing right in front of her in his handsome self in a tuxedo. He is holding his hand out to her...4, 3, 2...

Reena broke into a comfortable smile and reach out to Marcus. At the count of ONE, they came together for a kiss that is both familiar and curious, with a tinge of hope and promise.


  1. Hi Serena...
    Dropped by to greet you a very Happy New Year! Good health, good luck and God bless :)

  2. I had the same idea for #4, and I love the story you wrote. Love it--awesome!

    May your 2008 be as wonderful and surprising as that story!