Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Hotel Reservations and Travel Information

Do you hesitate to venture into online hotel booking? Although there are hundreds or even thousands of sites for Hotel Reservations with competitive rates and offers, where can you find one that can cater for your specific needs?

Generally if I were to book online for a hotel, I would want to find out about its reputation and experiences in the accommodation field. Can they be reached easily and do they provide personal service and attention to my needs? Are there folks that had reviewed about their services and facilities? Can I find more information on the destination that I am about to embark my journey to? What are the safety precautions? And last but not least, how competitive can the prices be?

For example, at
Hotel Reservations the bookings and room rates for Kuala Lumpur where I live are really reasonable and the variety of choices they offer have a wide range from the upper end to the more comfortable rates. I can also read up the articles about KL and decide better where I want to stay.

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  1. lol. funny i just came from another blog that also feature the same hotel reversation as you did.

    anyway, i don't really think there is any scam going around, since they seems reputable.

    anyway, thinking of going for holiday?

    edited: and i had to log in 5 fives unsuccessfully before i realise it's not my password, but my email that is incorrect...