Thursday, January 31, 2008

10 Things You'd Buy If You Had a Million

1. Get the fastest connection for surfing the internet and better laptops. (Yeah, that's plural). cowboy

2. Buy books and make floor to ceiling bookshelves. (I am thinking small now, aren't I?). tongue

3. Get ipod or Mp3 players.

4. DVDs and flat screen or plasma TV (which I am just putting here to answer the meme, I don't really watch TV these days)

5. Travel (again not too sure about this if I really do have the money, perhaps if I can hire a bus or plane for private use and no need to rush with others).

6. Gifts for loved ones.

7. Get a home gym.

8. Study. needs money? If I have the money means no need to worry about working.

9. Indoor heated pool with jacuzzi.

10. Clothes ( if I had slim down with the home gym and indoor pool)
rolling on the floor

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